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There’s a new US federal privacy bill: What happens if it passes — or doesn’t?

The American Privacy Rights Act (APRA) is an ambitious second shot at a US federal privacy law, announced on April 7 2024.  Unlike the vast majority of other countries, the US does not have a generally applicable privacy law. A patchwork of state and sector-specific laws provides an inconsistent set of individual privacy rights [...]

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March global DPP regulatory roundup

European Commission's use of Microsoft 365 found in violation of EU data protection law  The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has found that the European Commission's use of Microsoft 365 breaches numerous sections of EU Regulation 2018/1725, which serves as the data protection law for EU institutions and agencies. Namely, the Commission's failure to [...]

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Helen Dixon leaves office: What’s in store for Ireland’s new Data Protection Commissioners?

Helen Dixon has left her post as Irish Data Protection Commissioner after a decade of issuing some of Europe’s most high-profile enforcement decisions. She is replaced by two new Commissioners: Ex-human rights lawyer Des Hogan and former Deputy Commissioner Dale Sunderland. Throughout her ten-year term, Dixon led on the regulation of the many US [...]

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ESG will become mandatory for thousands of companies by 2027 Here’s how improved data protection can help you prepare

Under the EU’s new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), thousands of companies will soon have to consider Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues for the first time. The EU always requires some companies to report their impact on the environment and society across many different fields -from carbon emissions to gender representation. The CSRD will [...]

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As new AI law pass, remember: AI is already regulated

This month, the European Parliament approved the AI Act, which it called the “first regulation on artificial intelligence.” In the US, Utah passed the AI Policy Act, with some declaring it America’s first private-sector AI law. As organisations increase their use of AI, we need new laws to help manage new risks. But this [...]

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Latest regulatory roundup in global data protection and privacy

Nigeria DPC publishes guidance for data controller and processor registration requirements The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) has released guidelines on the registration obligations for what it deems "data controllers and data processors of major importance," as stipulated by Nigeria’s Data Protection Act (NDPA).  Passed in June 2023, the Act introduced a crucial requirement [...]

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The ‘right of access’: Renewed focus on a long-established cornerstone of data protection

The right to access personal data is fundamental to data protection, and it was present in data protection laws as early as the Council of Europe’s Convention 108 (1981) and the UK’s Data Protection Act 1984.  But providing access to personal data continues to challenge many organisations—particularly those handling high volumes of information or [...]

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Three key takeaways from DoorDash’s California privacy settlement

California Attorney General (AG) Rob Bonta reached a settlement with food delivery company DoorDash on 21 February — the second-ever enforcement action taken under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) since the law took effect in 2020.  Under a proposed order, DoorDash must pay a $375,000 civil penalty, enter into a three-year compliance programme, [...]

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AI regulation in the EU and the UK: Two diverging approaches

The UK government has detailed its AI regulation plans, describing a “common sense” framework with no new legislation initially planned. In the EU, one of the impacts of the highly ambitious AI Act is the potential to add around 5% in compliance costs to affected software developers.  By relying on the existing powers of [...]

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Latest regulatory roundup in global data protection and privacy

The new EU Data Act enters into force The EU regulation on harmonized rules on fair access to and use of data, (the Data Act) was published in the EU’s official journal on 22 December 2023, and entered into force on 11 January 2024.  The Data Act sets rules for accessing and using data [...]

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