South Korea takes strong stance with regulatory actions against OpenAI and Meta

South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission has taken a strong stance against global tech giants OpenAI and Meta, highlighting the growing significance of data privacy worldwide.  In response to a data breach resulting in 687 South Koren users having their personal information exposed, South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commision (PIPC) successfully fined OpenAI KRW [...]

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Mass data leaks by large institutions highlight the severe threat of inadequate privacy measures

Reports about data breaches often focus on the financial impact on businesses. But recent data breaches involving three UK police services and the UK Electoral Commission have highlighted how inadequate data protection can threaten people’s safety—and even their lives. Responding to a freedom of information request on 8 August, the Police Service of Northern [...]

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Microsoft facing an uninsurable $425m fine in relation to LinkedIn targeted advertising

Microsoft, parent company of LinkedIn, recently disclosed that it had taken a $425m charge in relation to an Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) investigation into LinkedIn targeted advertising practices, which allegedly violated the GDPR:  “After review and analysis, the company will increase its existing reserve for the matter and, based on current exchange rates [...]

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Who is Responsible for Data Breaches?

Data breaches have been on the rise in recent times. This development begs the question who is responsible for such incidents. Allocating Responsibility Recent events and studies have indicated that organisations seek to attribute blame in the immediate aftermath of a breach rather than accountability. Following the Uber case involving Joe Sullivan, there is [...]

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