Top 10 tips for Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

Diversity and Inclusion has come a long way since it was first pioneered in the 1960s, and it is not hard to see why. When it is done right, a diverse workplace is good for businesses, and it is good for employees. In today's data privacy landscape, it is more important than ever for [...]

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Data Protection and Privacy in Sales and Marketing

Knowing your audience is at the centre of sales and marketing and so collecting data on customers and prospects is critical to the sales and marketing game. The more you know about your customers and prospective customers, the easier it is to target them for advertisements, and the more you can tailor your product [...]

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Top 5 tips for introducing new tools to works councils

In an ultra-competitive context, the use of new tools—most often computer-based—is an indispensable aspect of sales strategy. Firms use the data that the tools generate to manage different aspects of the business effectively. Of course, this falls within the scope of the various data protection regulations and raises questions about individual rights. A works [...]

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Top 10 tips on compliance for retail organisations

Retail organisations have often considered themselves to be unregulated, unlike financial services or healthcare providers. This is, however, untrue. They process substantial amounts of personal data, exploring personalisation techniques to support business activities. This requires them to comply with data protection regulations. Here are 10 tips to identify and address compliance requirements. 1. Know [...]

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Top 10 tips on kicking off a privacy compliance project

Before the GDPR came into force we saw a flurry of activity from organisations wanting to kick off privacy compliance projects to ensure that they achieved that compliance by 25 May 2018. However, many organisations were unprepared or unwilling to do what was required to achieve compliance, and a great deal of projects continued well [...]

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Top 10 tips on building a framework for privacy accountability

The GDPR created the obligation for organisations to demonstrate compliance with its rules. Unfortunately, the GDPR offered little practical guidance on how, exactly, to demonstrate compliance. To help, here are our top 10 tips that organisations should consider when thinking about how to demonstrate compliance. 1. Record everything When making decisions about how to [...]

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