We are a
B Corp certified, global provider of Data Protection Officer (DPO) services, focused on delivering data dignity and championing diversity. We are here to help you comply with GDPR and other data protection laws and regulations and to assist in the prioritisation of privacy and trust. Providing independent, objective support on data-related matters.

We partner with progressive organisations to set global standards

“The DPO set-up report by HewardMills gave us an in-depth understanding of our privacy requirements, delivering a pragmatic and commercial understanding of our business”
“By engaging in partnership with an external and global DPO, we are able to address the issue of working with clients in different time zones. HewardMills have helped us react promtly to global issues with their local expertise and alignment to market requirements.”

“HewardMills have proved valuable to us in three particular areas: liaison and interfacing with data protection authorities; creating and settling about governance structures across the company; and the DPO’s input into DPIAs, which has been a critical part of the success of our privacy by design program.”

We tailor our approach

Our comprehensive health check and unique methodology ensure solutions that are specifically tailored to your organisation’s level of risk.

We design future-fit solutions powered by diversity driven insight. Delivered by seamlessly acting as your external DPO or supporting your in-house DPO.

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We are diverse by design

HewardMills was set up as a diverse and inclusive global business that prioritises data dignity. Our multilingual teams are skilled in law, technology, cybersecurity and communications and operate across 70 jurisdictions globally.

Our diverse cultures, perspectives, experiences and specialist skills enable us to provide holistic, actionable analysis & recommendations.

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We are purpose driven

We are on a mission to deliver data dignity globally. Championing diversity in privacy.

We are part of the B Corp community, focused on creating an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy to benefit all people, all communities, and the planet.

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