After over 20 years in the data protection and cybersecurity industry, Dyann Heward-Mills set out to create a diverse and inclusive global business that prioritises data dignity. Providing regulatory advice and other specialist Data Protection Officer (DPO) services, HewardMills now helps organisations around the world comply with fast-evolving global data protection laws and regulations and is proudly B Corp certified.

We are global

We have offices in the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia and are registered as a DPO in 70 jurisdictions, in Europe and beyond. We operate a lean and agile model that allows our clients to flex up or down as their requirements change, ensuring cost effectiveness. 

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We live our values

Woven into the HewardMills DNA, our core values underpin everything that we do; energising our intentions, informing the way we think and act, and shaping the decisions we make. We live our values through the way we work together, with our clients and with our partners each and every day.


We embrace diverse thinking and value different perspectives. At HewardMills, we act inclusively and work together to leverage our collective strength, while sharing knowledge and fostering strong partnerships.


We say what we mean and do what we say. Maintaining an independent perspective and always doing what’s right. We stay the course. Diligent in everything we do and proud of what we accomplish.


We seek out and create opportunities to drive growth and add value for our clients. Continuously learning. Questioning what we see and hear whilst listening intently to understand and find the best way forwards.


We are unerring and passionate in our quest to be the best we can be and make a positive impact. We view challenges as opportunities, always open minded to different scenarios and solutions.


We are bold. Approaching work with courage and energy. Encouraging and supporting growth and development. We anticipate and adapt to change, unafraid to lead it.

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We are proud to be a B Corp

HewardMills was built to advocate for data dignity. We became a B Corp to join forces with other businesses to create an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy to benefit all people, all communities, and the planet.

B Corp

We champion Diversity in Privacy

We set up the DiP community to nurture debate, connecting a global community to support and inspire the next wave of change. As we strive toward dignity for all, we must ensure we approach the future with a diverse range of thinking.

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