Our people provide expert privacy advice on data, legislation, cybersecurity.

Diverse by design, our experienced multidisciplinary team offers a blend of data protection and privacy expertise and specialist skills, providing robust, independent, expert data protection, privacy and cybersecurity advice. Trusted across industries, including Life-sciences, Technology, Retail and Banking, our focus is on delivering data dignity with integrity.

Meet some of our Data Protection & Privacy Experts

Meet some of our highly-experienced, multilingual teams who deliver world-class data protection guidance across various sectors to our clients. Our team of Subject Matter Experts are particularly skilled in law, technology, website compliance, cybersecurity and communications.

Dorothée Delerue
Dorothée DelerueHead of Legal
Dorothee is a multilingual, Belgian-qualified lawyer with over 15 years of experience working in commercial, IP and data protection law. She provides tailored solutions to our tech clients.
She is CIPP/E qualified and has 5+ years eDiscovery experience.
Glenn Daif-Burns
Glenn Daif-BurnsHead of Service Delivery, Cyber
Glenn has 4+ years experience at TrustArc/Nymity which offers software and services to help organisations update their privacy management processes. He also has over 13 years experience working as a General Manager of Privacy Laws & Business.
Loreen Fraser-Owusu
Loreen Fraser-OwusuTech Service Delivery Lead
Loreen has 15+ years in corporate communications. Offering clients strategic steer on positioning, internal/ external comms and crisis management across US, EMEA in tech, finance and startup sectors.
Marcin Morawiecki
Marcin MorawieckiLife Science Team Lead
Marcin is bi-lingual Polish attorney-at-law with 7+ years experience in new technology, Intellectual Property law and contract law. He has over 5 year’s data protection experience and supports the implementation of data protection by design principles.
He is CIPP/E qualified.
Archontoula Kapsi
Archontoula KapsiLife Science Team Lead
Archontoula has over 12 years experience in Intellectual Property, Information Technology, contracts and data protection law. She is a skilled negotiator and oversees our life science clients in drafting agreements and legal documents.
She holds a CIPP/E and LLM certificate.
Natalie Hackman
Natalie HackmanTech Legal
Natalie is a qualified solicitor advising on data protection and best practice GDPR-required documentation.
She has extensive knowledge of helping muti-national companies implement and maintain robust and compliant DPP programmes.
She holds an LLM.
Michaela Roche
Michaela RocheClient Manager
Michaela is a client manager based in Ireland. She manages comprehensive data protection initiatives and risk assessments for our tech clients.
She is studying criminal justices and European Law.
Silvina Castillo
Silvina Castillo Client Manager
Silvina, located in Germany, serves as a client manager with a diverse set of responsibilities, including risk assessments and audits for our clients in the tech, retail and financial sector.
She has experience in Data Privacy Law and the Laws in Latin America.
Dorcas Abass
Dorcas AbassClient Manager & KnowHow Lead
Dorcas has several years of experience as a data protection and privacy client manager in assessing risk and developing comprehensive data protection frameworks for our life sciences clients.
She holds a LLB, CIPP/E and CDPS in Ghana.

Oisin Moran
Oisin MoranClient Manager
Oisin is a client manager based in Ireland who supports our clients in the life sciences, biotechnology and healthcare sector. He guides them through compliancy and any regulatory data requirements.
He has a degree in law and business.
Jennifer Sarkodie
Jennifer SarkodieClient Manager
Jennifer is a qualified lawyer, who has a background in Corporate and Commercial law. She is a client manager for our life science clients and has a keen interest in privacy and technology law.​
Zara Campbell
Zara CampbellClient Manager
Zara is a client manager based in Ireland, providing critical support to clients across various jurisdictions globally. She manages our life science clients, ensuring drafts of key regulatory documents meet strict requirements.

Her expertise are EU law, GDPR and Cybersecurity.

Isabella Carrion
Isabella CarrionClient Manager
Brazilian Qualified Lawyer. She holds a LLM in Law and Technology​.
Experience supporting multi-national companies in a privacy capacity across financial and technology sectors
Hilda Besiwa
Hilda BesiwaProject Manager
Hilda is a project manager for our tech clients. She has experience in navigating complex legal and regulatory landscapes.
She holds a LLB and has extensive knowledge of the Ghana law.
Yash Vardhan Singh Roy
Yash Vardhan Singh RoyProject Manager
Yash has experience in IP and Corporate Commercial law matters in both civil and common law. His jurisdiction knowledge spans across India, UK and UAE.
He holds an LLM in Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law.
Elizabeth Mensah
Elizabeth MensahAccount Coordinator
Elizabeth is the account coordinator for our life science clients. She holds a Data Protection Supervisor certificate (Ghana) and an LLB (Canada)

Senior Account Management Team

Ike Egemonye
Ike Egemonye Senior Account Manager
Ike has experience in managing, supporting and implementing robust strategies to ensure compliance and data security for our tech, financial and B2B clients. He is also responsible for conducting data protection audits, and has an extensive knowledge of local laws.
Aurelie Schyrr
Aurelie SchyrrSenior Account Manager
Aurelie is a French bi-lingual lawyer with workers council experience in France. With an extensive knowledge of the regulatory landscape, she specialises in helping businesses in the life science sector navigate complex data privacy regulations.
She holds a LLB and LLM.
Roohi Arora
Roohi AroraSenior Account Manager
​Roohi has over 10 years experience as a business development professional. She adeptly handles a vast portfolio of tech clients while also taking charge of project delivery oversight.
She holds a LLB and BSc in Business Management
Ngozi Plange
Ngozi PlangeSenior Account Manager
Ngozi has over 15 years of project and programme management experience working across various industries and sectors. She leads the client team in providing exceptional DPO services to our clients.
She holds an engineering degree and Masters in Disasters & Development.

IT & Cybersecurity team

John Fiifi Kwapong
John Fiifi Kwapong IT Lead
Fiifi has over 5 years of experience leading software projects and technology teams, implementing technology strategies, governance frameworks and cybersecurity.
Architha Babu
Architha BabuCyber & IT Support
Architha has 4 years of experience as a software engineer in network traffic monitoring, VPN, Enterprise security zoning, Infosec Policy design and risk assessment.
She holds a Masters in cybersecurity engineering