Key considerations for tackling ransomware

Recent headlines have highlighted the growing cybersecurity risks to UK firms, in line with the ‘steady and significant’ rise in ICO-reported attacks. Additionally, there has been some speculation that risks will continue to grow in retaliation to sanctions against Russia. However, not all attacks are equal. Since the ICO began publishing their data in [...]

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Top 10 tips on kicking off a privacy compliance project

Before the GDPR came into force we saw a flurry of activity from organisations wanting to kick off privacy compliance projects to ensure that they achieved that compliance by 25 May 2018. However, many organisations were unprepared or unwilling to do what was required to achieve compliance, and a great deal of projects continued well [...]

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When is doing the right thing actually right?

It is always the right time to do the “right thing.” However, determining an objectively “right” path to follow can be a challenge. Specifically, what does that mean as applied to data privacy and security? Contemporarily, multinational corporations’ success depends significantly on the world seeing them as good corporate citizens worthy of investment. As [...]

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