Google increases data protection in the dispute over the legality of abortions in the USA

Following a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case, Roe v. Wade, millions of Americans are losing the right to have an abortion. Some states have already passed so-called trigger laws. In other conservative-majority states, abortion is about to be criminalised through sanctions. So far, it has been questionable whether some states in [...]

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Compliance with ePrivacy made simple

This article is a snapshot of key areas to be aware of when assessing a website’s GDPR and ePrivacy compliance.Cookies can be a powerful tool in personalising users’ interactions with a website. But did you know that your website’s use of cookies has to comply with Regulation 5 of the ePrivacy Directive?In the EU, the [...]

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An introduction to Thailand’s new Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

This article introduces the new Thai PDPA legislation that came into force on 1st June 2022. Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) is the new Thai data protection legislation that came into force on 1st June 2022. It takes much of its inspiration from the European Union’s GDPR requirements. The Personal Data Protection Commission [...]

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Protect your customers’ data when selling a company

Whenever a company is sold, customer data—in nearly all cases—gets into the hands of a new owner. It is important to be cautious because customer data is personal data and hence falls under the provision of local data protection frameworks. While company accountants usually provide support during the process of a sale, their support [...]

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