Data Protection and Privacy in Sales and Marketing

Knowing your audience is at the centre of sales and marketing and so collecting data on customers and prospects is critical to the sales and marketing game. The more you know about your customers and prospective customers, the easier it is to target them for advertisements, and the more you can tailor your product [...]

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Clinical trials in Spain: translating the AEPD’s new rules

At one time or another, any organisation with operations in Europe will have had to navigate the GDPR: the European data protection law which sets some of the highest standards for data privacy worldwide. For clinical trial sponsors, there's also the European Clinical Trials Regulation ('CTR') to contend with—alongside international laws governing the life [...]

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Tabletop exercises prepare your team for real cybersecurity disasters

Imagine you’re hiring a bodyguard. There are two candidates for the position, and Candidate A has read every security book that there is. Candidate B may not have such an encyclopaedic understanding of the industry, but what he does bring is ten years of proven experience of real security scenarios. Unless Candidate A can [...]

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Top 5 tips for introducing new tools to works councils

In an ultra-competitive context, the use of new tools—most often computer-based—is an indispensable aspect of sales strategy. Firms use the data that the tools generate to manage different aspects of the business effectively. Of course, this falls within the scope of the various data protection regulations and raises questions about individual rights. A works [...]

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The New Threat of Cyber Warfare webinar recording

The increased risk of cyber warfare is one of the biggest issues facing businesses across sectors, and around the world. What should you be looking out for and how to protect your business? Watch the recording of our expert panel discussion on the threat of cyber warfare. Sign up to [...]

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