Global regulatory updates

French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) fines GROUPE CANAL+ €600,000  On October 12, 2023, the French Data Protection Authority (known as “the CNIL”) imposed a fine of €600,000 on French media company GROUPE CANAL+ for violating various data protection and privacy obligations.  The fine resulted from multiple complaints received by CNIL about difficulties individuals faced [...]

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California’s Delete Act will enable residents to request all data brokers to remove their information

The California governor has signed Bill 362, also known as the Delete Act, enabling residents to request the removal of their personal information from all data brokers operating in the state.  The Delete Act aims to provide consumers with greater control over their personal information that is collected and sold by data brokers.  The [...]

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GDPR and Automated Decision Making in Precision Medicine

The rise of “precision medicine”, the personalization of medical treatments based on large volumes of health data, has led to the increased use of automation. Advancements in data analytics and automated decision-making (ADM) technologies, which analyse vast genomic datasets to pinpoint personalised treatment strategies, have been game changers in the clinical trials space.  Courts [...]

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Latest regulatory roundup in global data protection and privacy

Here is a roundup of some of the recent regulatory updates in the data protection and privacy space around the world.  Canada  On September 22, 2023, the second set of amendments to Quebec’s privacy law (under “Bill 64” or “Law  25”) came into effect. The amendment aims to modernise Quebec’s long-standing privacy law in [...]

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How to spot a Business Email Compromise and prevent future attacks

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a type of cyber crime that involves misusing or impersonating a corporate email address to manipulate a company’s employees or contractors. The goal of BEC is normally to trick an employee into transferring funds or sharing sensitive information. BEC attacks are often sophisticated, and exploit email communication systems to [...]

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How to navigate the recent updates to the VERBIS registration criteria in Turkey

In a move that underscores Turkey's commitment to supporting economic growth and enterprise development, the country’s Personal Data Protection Board (‘the Board’) recently made a substantial revision to their Data Protection Regulations (‘the Regulation’). The Board announced their decision on 6 July  2023, and presented a significant increase in the monetary threshold for exemption [...]

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Microsoft facing an uninsurable $425m fine in relation to LinkedIn targeted advertising

Microsoft, parent company of LinkedIn, recently disclosed that it had taken a $425m charge in relation to an Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) investigation into LinkedIn targeted advertising practices, which allegedly violated the GDPR:  “After review and analysis, the company will increase its existing reserve for the matter and, based on current exchange rates [...]

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The Ukraine crisis and the heightened risk of cyberattacks

In these dark days of war in Eastern Europe, it is sad to say that the risk of cyberattacks is heightened. It is important to remain vigilant and to ensure all necessary proactive steps are taken to protect data, including:Revisit your risk profile and, if you are a processor holding personal data for other organisations, [...]

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Top considerations for clinical trials

After the hiatus brought about by the pandemic, activity in the clinical trials sector is now growing, with a number of trials due to launch at the end of this quarter. Increasingly, participants in trials and partners in Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) are seeking assurance that a Data Protection Officer (DPO) has been appointed [...]

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Data Protection Day

Recent decisions by the French Data Protection Authority (DPA), the CNIL and the Austrian DPA, the Datenschutzbehörde (or DSB), have thrown tracking activities into sharp focus.  CNIL Cookie Decisions   On 6 January, the CNIL found that on both Google and Facebook’s websites it was harder to reject cookies than to accept them and fined [...]

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