February marks Black History Month in the U.S. and Canada: a celebration of an intellectual history that highlights greatness, perseverance, and generational excellence of People of Color in modern history. As a global DPO that provides support for various multinational organisations to achieve high-level privacy standards, we understand the responsibility to effectuate a privacy culture that is interwoven with traces of diversity, accountability, integrity, and respect.

As a Black-owned business in the data protection and privacy industry, it is imperative to recognize the deep roots of HewardMills and the vision it bears to champion diversity, disintegrate racial stereotypes, and continue to achieve social impact milestones such as attaining a B Corp status. The founder and CEO of HewardMills, Dyann Heward-Mills, who hails from Ghana, is passionate about championing diversity and data dignity. Hence, since inception in 2018, HewardMills uplifts voices of professionals in the industry within the Black community, with a large margin of HewardMills employees who are Black in leadership roles.

Similar to the rich cultural significance of the Ghanaian Kente cloth – a beautifully curated piece of cloth made and designed by a skilled weaver through a complex craft work of interweaving long strips of rich colored fabric such as gold, red, blue, green, black, and yellow to create an aesthetic masterpiece – a global symbolic identity for the Black experience and heritage in the Diaspora due its historical roots, HewardMills is intentional about embarking on a journey to spearhead diversity and racial equality.

If you would like to discuss this topic or anything else data protection and privacy-related, please contact us at dpo@hewardmills.com.