Latest regulatory roundup in global data protection and privacy

Costly cyber attack hits UnitedHealth Group Subsidiary  Earlier this year, a cyber attack on a UnitedHealth Group subsidiary, Change Healthcare, caused significant disruption and financial loss for one of the largest employers in the US. The attack is reported to have started with hackers exploiting a server which lacked multi-factor authentication. Recently, UnitedHealth Group [...]

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How laws, regulators, and gatekeepers are reshaping digital advertising

Since the first banner ads, the world wide web has largely run on ads. To fund online services, the digital advertising industry collects detailed information about billions of people. But substantial change is imminent.  New laws targeting digital advertising  The ePrivacy Regulation, a long-awaited update to the EU’s rules on direct marketing and cookies, [...]

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Navigating privacy regulations on the use of biometric data

As a security measure, nothing beats biometrics for convenience. We carry our fingerprints and facial features everywhere we go. Unlike a password, your iris print is always unique—and you can’t forget it. But biometrics are sensitive because of their convenient and immutable nature. You can change a breached password in minutes, but changing your biometrics [...]

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As the European Council adopts the AI Act, here are three recent AI developments from outside the EU

The European Council adopted the AI Act on 21 May, marking one of many steps on the path towards stronger AI regulation. The law will be published in the EU’s Official Journal in the coming weeks and will start to take effect 20 days later.  The AI Act’s first substantial impact will come six months [...]

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