Last month, we joined celebrations at the Natural History Museum as B Corp reached the momentous milestone of 1000 UK certified corporations; with HewardMills being one of the latest to proudly join the community.

At the heart of the event was the opportunity to connect and celebrate with other B Corp organisations whose collective vision is to find new ways of doing business, creating a movement that supports inclusion and inherently fosters an equitable and regenerative economy; one that requires large scale change to our economic system.
HewardMills is thrilled to be part of this movement.

Some of the goals set out by B Corp are:

  • To transform the economy with a community that is representative of the diversity in the UK
  • To build a more nuanced understanding of what being a B Corp means and continuing to showcase the core principles of accountability, transparency and improvement
  • To tackle the urgency of the challenges facing our world

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Looking forwards, we welcome the opportunity to work further with like-minded organisations as we continue to embrace the power of the diversity already inherent within our own business model in consistently setting the highest standards on data dignity. Doing so through the implementation of a robust data protection framework that is firmly rooted in the principles of integrity and transparency.

We are also here to help those organisations looking for support to achieve their own Diversity, Equity & Inclusion goals in accordance with data protection laws.

Together we are stronger and ever more fit for growth.

If you would like to discuss this topic or anything else data protection and privacy-related, please contact us at