‘Global Privacy Strategy doesn’t mean Cut and Paste’ – 14th March

The 2019 IAPP conference. Get to hear CEO Dyann Heward Mills speak on Global Privacy Strategy.

Running an effective global privacy programme is no small feat. Global companies must navigate an array of compliance regimes and deliver programmes across cultures, languages, and jurisdictions, at all levels of the organisation—from the frontlines to the C-suite. And they need to make sure their paper policies translate into practice, all while enabling the business. Seasoned privacy professionals will share their experiences either running global privacy programmes or helping businesses manage privacy risks and regulatory obligations across multiple jurisdictions. They will illustrate their talks with examples from the airline and mobile sectors. They will also highlight regional variations in privacy regulation—from the EMEA to Canada and the U.S. to APAC—and how to navigate them, while sharing their tips from the trenches. Bring your questions to the IAPP conference. Share your best practices. Leave feeling confident that you can streamline your global privacy programme while retaining the local flavour.

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